Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Body Treatments.

Most of us will at some time (recent studies indicate Post Christmas and Holidays) will be concerned about our bodies. This covers a multitude of problems or conditions that we will want to improve:-

*Cellulite and Fatty Deposits

*Loose Skin And Loss of Muscle Tone

*Inch Loss

*Dry, Dehydrated, Scaly Skin

*Unwanted Hair

*Detoxification and Speeding up the Metabolism

*Stress and Muscular Aches&Pains

*Pastey White Skin

We all know that achieving a Svelte, Toned, Detoxed, Hydrated,Tanned Healthy body does not appear overnight. It takes dedication and perseverance but with a combination of treatments and will power it can be achieved and maintained.

Bodywrap (Prices)

Universal Contour Wrap   


Course of 3 (save £37.00)   


1/2 bodywrap   


3/4 bodywrap   


Massage (Prices)

Full Body Aromatherapy    


1/2 hour Aromatherapy Back masssage   


Full Body Swedish Massage   


1/2 hour Swedish Back Massage   


Eurowave Muscle Toning (Prices)



Eurowave course of 10 (save £15.00)   


Aromazone (Prices)

Aromazone  30 mins




1 hour    


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