Ageing Skin

Ageing Skin

Ageing Skin- Ageing skin can be the natural accompaniment of advancing years or can be the premature result of incorrect or insufficient care during youth. Ageing usually begins with the onset of maturity (beginning around 25 years of age, however the main onset is approx. 40 years of age).


Specific changes occur in the external appearance, which are taking place simultaneously with the internal functioning of the epidermis and cutaneous tissues.

Skin loses flexibility

Skin loses elasticity

Skin becomes thinner developing lines and wrinkles

Decreased permeability of the skin (which is associated with the loss of elasticity and impaired cellular nourishment)

Skin colour usually becomes sallow (due to changes in the keratinisation process and sluggish circulation)

Skin becomes drier

Greater possibility of allergic response in skins, which are weakened by age and disease.


The normal physiological changes in the female skin are closely associated with altered or reduced production of hormones.

Thinning of tissues

Loss of collagen fibres (which gives skin its strength and firmness)

Loss of elasticity- elastin fibres lose their ability to stretch and relax with underlying muscle activity.

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