Bio Therapeutic

Bio Therapeutic

This non-surgical lifting facial redefines skincare, an intensive treatment which takes non surgical facial toning to a new dimension. The treatment combines the lifting benefits of the Bio-Ultimate Gold computer with advanced product technology resulting in improved skin tone, elasticity, moisturisation and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Bio-Ultimate utilises Sequencing technology, Bio Masque and Bio tips. Sequencing is a patented technology which makes this treatment different from the rest. Sequencing allows the machine to automatically adjust the electrical current infinitely according to the conductivity and resistance of the skin, to achieve the optimum anti-ageing results.

The Bio Masque is an electrically conductive mask that has revolutionised microcurrent facial toning. A gauze saturated in advanced anti-ageing ingredients is applied underneath the mask for maximum penetration, enhancing the results.

Perma tips allow full delivery of the microcurrent used to perform this lifting facial.

These facials (non-surgical) usually consist of a course of 12 over a 5-6 week period. This is dependant on your skin texture and muscle tone, not necessarily your age. Once a course has been completed we generally recommend one a month to maintain the results.

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