Body Ultimate Microcurrent

Body Ultimate Microcurrent

This non-surgical Facial Toning System uses both Faradic and Galvanic microcurrent, thus the unit is able to stimulate muscle fibres to achieve a toning effect and improve the skins texture.

The Body Ultimate is designed to achieve facial toning by stimulating nerve endings to improve tone in the muscle tissue. When using the galvanic current alone it improves the circulation to both skin and the muscle cells, improving the surface appearance. The dual output alternates between faradic and galvanic microcurrent, achieving both facial toning and improved circulation. The probes are in contact with the skin and are therefore conducting the microcurrent to the specified area.

The current is used at an intensity to bring maximum results in minimal time with no discomfort to you.

These facials usually consist of a course of 12 over a 5-6 week period. This is dependant on your skin texture and muscle tone, not necessarily your age. Once a course has been completed we generally recommend one a month to maintain the results.

Effects of Faradic Micro Current:-

*Improved tone of specific muscles, resulting in shaping and toning of muscle tissue thus improving facial contours

*Metabolism increases in stimulated muscles

*Increase in circulation to muscle tissue

*Improved elimination of waste products from the treated area

*Increases the mitotic activity improving cellular regeneration.

Effects of Galvanic Microcurrent:-

*Increased blood and lymphatic circulation

*Improved surface skin texture through removal of dead skin cells

*Improved function and appearance of the skin by introduction of water soluble substances

*Deep cleansing action.

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