Universal Contour Wrap and solution is a genuine ‘contouring’ wrap process which results in better shaping of the body through the cleansing, toning and tightening of the skin and soft fatty tissue.

The UCW is a safe and effective way to lose inches in approx. 2 hours. The process involves bandages that are soaked in the natural sea clay solution being applied to your body acting like a giant poultice. (Like a face pack on your body). This giant poultice effect will naturally extract toxins and poisons from the body’s soft tissue.

The natural sea clay solution we use is hypoallergenic and will leave the skin free of dead skin cells and feeling supple, soft and re-juvenated.

At the same time that toxins are being removed your fatty tissue is being compacted. Because we help the body develop a smoother, firmer muscle base over which the soft tissue is being cleansed and compacted there is a significant improvement in cellulite. As the skin tightens stretch marks become less noticeable, as do scars and blemishes. People with skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema can benefit enormously from this treatment, and a real difference can be seen and felt as soon as the contour wrap bandages are removed.

If taking a course of 3 wraps we recommend 7-10 days in-between them.

Although the treatment in the salon has been completed, the clay solution is still in your skin and the detoxification process can continue for 3-4 days giving further inch loss. You can greatly assist this skins tightening process by retaining the solution in the pores. By showering with tepid water only and limiting the soap to under arms, groin and feet, you will not soap the solution out of the pores. After your wrap you should drink plenty of still water. Ideally 3pints a day to flush out the impurities and toxins that have been broken down. Try to avoid Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Carbonated drinks, Alcohol, Fried Fatty foods.

You will also need to bring some spare underwear with you!

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