The result of over 20 years research, the award winning CACI facial toning treatment has been voted (Professional Beauty Magazine survey) the most effective anti-ageing treatment available. The treatment results are often so dramatic that CACI has become known as the "Non Surgical Facelift".

Originally developed for treating facial palsy, microcurrent therapy is now widely used as an aesthetic anti-ageing treatment. Microcurrent stimulation does not contract muscles, but instead works by a process called muscle re-education to achieve results.

All CACI microcurrent systems use ultra low frequencies to re-educate facial muscles.

All CACI systems deliver microcurrent energy using ultra low frequencies and the power of a unique digitally simulated tidal wave.This special digital waveform optimises results and comfort by gradually increasing in intensity to overcome skin resistance. It then rises to a peak in order to deliver the full power of the microcurrent energy deep into the muscle.

CACI gently helps tighten and tone sagging muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The dual-tipped probes increase the effect on the muscle and when combined with the T-Bar has a dramatic firming result on the jawline.


*Lifts and tones facial muscles

*Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

*Increases blood and lymph circulation

*Enhances the penetration of skin care formulations

*Increases the production of collagen and elastin

*Increases protein synthesis and cell membrane transport

*Increases mitochondria activity and adenosine triphoshate (ATP) production.


CACI systems utilise specially developed serum filled cotton buds to enhance treatment results. The serum contains Hexapeptides and powerful anti-ageing ingredients to provide an instant face firming effect. Electro buds are also available to purchase.


Hydratone combines active microcurrent rollers with Hydro Mask, a unique, electrically conductive silicone gel mask that has been infused with powerful hydrating properties. The rollers massage the face causing the mask to become electrically charged so that the whole face is bathed with rejuvenating energy. The current delivered by the rollers recharges and replenishes the bio-electrical energy within the facial muscles, restoring tone and firmness.

Microdermabrasion, Wrinkle Comb and Ultra sonic peel are also combined with Caci Lifting treatments.

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