Crystal Clear Oxygen

Crystal Clear Oxygen

Clinically proven Crystal Clear Oxygen treatment breathes new life into tired aged skin. Five treatments are all that is needed to achieve a younger more rejuvenated skin.

Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy is a sophisticated treatment that delivers pulsed oxygen and skin restructuring actives deep into the epidermis where skin health, elasticity and firmness begin.

Fast becoming known as the ultimate facial among celebrities, clients become addicted to the results-dramatically rejuvenated skin with lines and wrinkles visibly reduced.

Oxygen is one of the 5 elements needed to sustain life. Oxygen provides life and energy to every living cell. When oxygen levels become low the immune system is weakened. The ageing process is associated with a drop in available oxygen in the skin cells. The Crystal Clear Oxygen system utilises puncture jet technology that allows oxygen and specially selected anti-ageing skin care actives to be driven into the skin.

Performed in a closed circuit environment, it provides the lower layers of the skin with much needed nutrients to repair and restructure from the inside out.

*Visibly plumping fine lines and wrinkles

*Gentle enough to treat the delicate under-eye area

*Ideal for firming neck lines

*Highly effective on sun damaged skin

* Anti-bacterial properties are extremely beneficial for acne-prone skin

*Helps rebuild the skin increasing firmness

*Energises and heals skin cells

*Replaces lost moisture

*Stimulates collagen production at a cellular level

*Reverses the damage caused by free radicals.

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