Guinot Facials

Guinot Facials


This amazing treatment is more than just a relaxing experience. It is a superior facial treatment with long-lasting results. Using a dramatically effective combination of the latest technology, soothing manual massage and personal plant based extracts, a Hydradermie treatment deep cleanses your skin, re-hydrates the deeper layers and speeds up cellular renewal. The Guinot touch leaves your skin cleansed, toned and glowing with health.

Precise massage techniques with gentle electrotherapy help the hydragel penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. This cleanses, moisturizes and stimulates cellular renewal.

Hydragels are chosen for your specific skin needs: Aloe&Shea Butter for normal or de-hydrated skin, Protein rich Malt for dry mature & aged skin, Mint,Seaweed and Witch Hazel to balance oily spotty skin or Soothing Chamomile and Vitamin E for sensitive skin.

A lovely Lavender based cream emulsion is smoothed over the face and neck, over which a fine gauze is placed. High frequency is then used to create an anti-bacterial effect on the skin's surface. This oxygenates the tissues and boosts circulation, giving new life to the skin.

LIFTOSOME- energy treatment.

This facial leaves the skin feeling unbelievably Firm, Smoothes away your wrinkles and lines softening your skin, visibly relaxing your face and remodels the facial features.

This facial uses a firming serum and restructuring cream to target lines and wrinkles.High concentrations of Vitamin C stimulate collagen production whilst a thermal mask is used to aid the penetration and diffusion of the firming agents right to the heart of the epidermis. Your skin is left highly energised and nourished.

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