This advanced facial uses CLINICAL GRADE serums to target specific skin conditions. Fines lines and wrinkles are plumped out using Hydrafill, the needle free alternative to collagen injections.

Repair firms and lifts your skin and superficial facial muscles.

Fusion heals and repairs acne scarred damaged skin.

B-Tox reduces facial movements/expressions on the upper area of your face, the needle free alternative to botox.

Thermotherapy (heat) is used to prepare the skin increasing circulation and accelerating the skins ability to absorb the serums.

Diamond tip abrasion is used to remove the dead skin cells resurfacing the area so that maximum penetration of the serum is achieved.

Ultrasound is used to 'blast' the serum (using soundwaves) into the deeper layers of your skin where it gets to work by stimulating collagen and elastin.

Cryotherapy (cold) is then used to close the pores and take the blood supply away from the surface of the skin sealing in the serum.

A course of treatment is recommended taken on a weekly basis.

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